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All of our beers are made with top quality ingredients from Europe, North America and sometimes farther away.
You will always find our two flagship ales available, accompanied by a range of rotational and seasonal ales that let us take advantage of different ingredients, as they become available.

American Amber Ale  "A3"

ABV 5% IBU 30 EBC 28 Extract 12%

This easy drinking beer is a lovely red color, with low hop bitterness and caramel and toffee undertones. A beer for every occasion.

Malt: Pale, Melano, Ruby, Cafe
Hops: Casacade, Magnum, Brewers Gold

American Pale Ale "APA"

ABV 5.8% IBU 53 EBC 11 Extract 14%

Our take on a hoppy American Pale Ale. Quality pale malts are combined with a selection of American hops. While Summit and Cascade hops will always be the backbone of this beer, look for us to incorporate different complimentary American hops from time to time, based on European availability. We want this one to make your nose as happy as your tongue.

Malt: Vienna, Cara Blond, Munich Wheat
Hops: Casacade, Summit, and guest stars.

American Amber Ale "A3"

ABV 5% IBU 30 EBC 28 Extract 12%

Această bere ușoară de băut are o culoare roșie încîntătoare, cu amărăciune slabă și caramelă si gust subtil de caramel. O bere pentru fiecare ocazie.

Malț: Pale, Melano, Ruby, Cafe
Hamei: Casacade, Magnum, Brewers Gold


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