Sos. Muncesti 77 
Chisinau, Moldova
068 241 522
Open  11:00-19:00 Tue-Th /Marti-Joi
12:00-22:00 F/V
14:00-22:00 S
All of our ales are made with top quality ingredients from Europe, North America and sometimes farther away. Our ales are all natural, unfilttered, unpasteurized, and vegan safe.

Our Flagship Ales

American Amber Ale  "A3"

ABV 5% IBU 30 EBC 28 Extract 12%

This easy drinking beer is a lovely red color, with low hop bitterness and caramel and toffee undertones. A beer for every occasion.



American Amber Ale "A3"

ABV 5% IBU 30 EBC 28 Extract 12%

Această bere ușoară de băut are o culoare roșie încîntătoare, cu amărăciune slabă și caramelă si gust subtil de caramel. O bere pentru fiecare ocazie.


American Pale Ale "APA"

ABV 5.6% IBU 60 EBC 11 Extract 13%

Our take on a hoppy American Pale Ale. Quality pale malts with 3 great American hops. Fragrant, citrusy and delicious!


The Flying Mamaliga Cream Ale

ABV 4.6% IBU 15 EBC 9 Extract 11%

Cream Ale, an American style going back to the 1800's are typically made with flaked corn as part of the grain bill in the USA and UK. Well, because we're in Moldova we just had to go and change that to mamaliga, that's polenta for you foreigners, instead. Creamy, smooth, an ale that drinks a bit like a lager.

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