Sos. Muncesti 77
Chisinau, Moldova
068 241 522
Tues-Thurs: 16:00- 20:00
Friday: 16:00-22:00
Saturday: 14:00-22:00
Sunday: 14:00-20:00

At Labrewtory Brewing Company we specialize in modern as well as
classic beer styles from the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, and Belgium.
100% natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and vegan safe- all of our
delicious ales are made with top quality ingredients from America,
Europe and sometimes even farther away. All proudly made in Moldova,
fresh and local, the way beer is meant to be.

Our Flagship Ales

A3- American Amber Ale
Alc: 5%   Initial Extract:12%   IBU:24   EBC:24 

A deep red color brought from 5 different malts combined with classic American craft beer hops make for an easy drinking, well balanced yet malt forward beer.

Recommended if you also like : UK style "bitters", Vienna Lagers, German Altbier, Soviet era Zhigulovskoe (So we've been told!).

APA- American Pale Ale
Alc: 5.6%   Initial Extract:13%   IBU:60  EBC:10

A hoppy pale ale, brewed with 3 American hop varieties. High yet balanced bitterness with aromas of citrus, herbs and pine.

Recommended if you also like : IPA, Beers where the hops are the star.

The Flying Mamaliga Cream Ale
Alc: 4.6%   Initial Extract:11%   IBU:15  EBC:9

Cream Ale is a uniquely American style, but ours has a Moldovan twist- corn grits. Creamy mouthfeel, mildly sweet taste and a light aroma of noble hops make a very easy and refeshing beer.

Recommended if you also like : Lagers, Pilsners, lower alcohol content

Brut IPA v.7 - New!
Alc: 6.4%   Initial Extract:13%   IBU:20  EBC:5

Brut IPA, a style invented in San Francisco in 2017. First brewed in Moldova by us. A light and sparkling and dry mouthfeel like Brut Champagne. Light bitterness but an intense aroma of hoppy citrus and fruit.

Recommended if you also like : Other IPA styles, APA, beers with concentrated fruitiness.

Current Rotational

Winter Saison
Alc: 6.5%   Initial Extract:13%   IBU:20  EBC:6

Available January 29, 2021-  Some people think Saison is a beer syle for the summer. We couldn't disagree more. We used barley and wheat malt, British and Slovenian hops, and Belgian yeast, but it still didn't seem like enough so we tossed in bitter orange peels and oak infused with fine Moldovan Divin (cognac) to make a beer to keep you good and warm while we wait for spring.

Recommended if you also like : Wheat beers, Belgian Ales, Rustic European Styles


Billy's Blend IPA
Alc: 6%   Initial Extract:13%   IBU:40  EBC:8

True to our LBC ways, we are bringing you something NEW NEW! yes, NEW NEW!!

We’ve been up to a little “mad science” @ LBC to keep ours (and your) craft beer life interesting.

How (some) LBC beers are born…
After a few brews, Bill said “what if we take this brew and blend some of it with that brew and for the finish dry hop with these hops?”

And BAM, we bring you Batch #1 of a new beer blend we are calling “Billy’s Beer Blend”. This is for our fellow hop lovers out there. Love or hate it there’s nothing like it made in MD!

ONLY at the brewery & while supplies last.
0.5l - 50 mdl