Sos. Muncesti 77 
Chisinau, Moldova
068 241 522
Open  11:00-19:00 Tue-Th / Marti-Joi
12:00-22:00 F/V
14:00-22:00 S

Labrewtory Brewing Company the Who, What? Where? Why? How?

Who started all this?
Summer 2016 the LBC dream was born or so it seemed.
Bill and DeEva, an American couple living and working in Moldova for 4ish years, were burned out and finished with working for “the man”. Being both lovers of good beer and seeing opportunity in the craft beer market in Moldova, they made the self funded leap and decided to embark on the adventure to open Labrewtory Brewing Company craft beer brewery. 

“You’re crazy”, “Why Moldova?, “What’s craft beer?” and a lot of other interesting questions were posed to them then, and now, about this decision.

Skip ahead to winter 2017, they are hopeful to be in the final phase of preparations of beginning actual production. Although significantly behind schedule and over budget, the vision is getting closer.

WHAT is this Labrewtory Brewing Company (LBC) all about?
They believe EVERYONE should drink quality and affordable great craft beer!

LBC is motivated to enact change by promoting the Moldovan craft beer industry.

To be an advocate for best craft beer practises and logical industry laws and local regulations.

To find, give purpose and assist how we can those who are underestimated and overlooked.

WHERE is LBC going?
To regularly produce solid craft beer customer favorites and blow some minds with seasonal and “one off” innovative batches.

Promoting unity and creating a support system for craft and home brewers.

Seeking out community and individuals in need and act as an advocate for them.

WHY does LBC care?

Craft beer lovers, craft beer curious and the craft beerless deserve great tasting beer choices.

An allied and united craft beer community has a louder voice and hosts great parties.

They know what it’s like to be underestimated, undervalued and want to make things suck less where and when it is possible.


HOW is LBC going to do all this?
LBC is a customer driven organisation. Producing quality products, developing great customer relationships and soliciting direct feedback from the public.

LBC's door is open to all craft breweries, brewers, homebrewers, artists, musicians etc. Money is NOT the only currency. Knowledge, skills, talent and bartering are valued.

Gaining the trust, confidence and a positive reputation with business owners, managers, advocates, organisations and the public.

Listen to constructive criticism, work hard, learn from mistakes and try like hell not to repeat them and probably cry a time or two over a craft beer when things go wrong as they do.

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