Sos. Muncesti 77 
Chisinau, Moldova
068 241 522
Open  11:00-19:00 Tue-Th / Marti-Joi
12:00-22:00 F/V
14:00-22:00 S
Meet the Team!
Bill- LBC crew Co-founder / Cenosillicaphobiac
Bill, a westerner with roots from Colorado, Utah & Washington state, arrived in Chisinau winter 2011 for a work gig. The job ended and he asked himself “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. The beer elves whispered “open a local craft brewery” and here’s where his LBC adventure began.
Bill’s craft beer indoctrination originated in the 90’s from a holiday gift of a home brew kit. This was the beginning of his thirst for more than a basic blonda (light) or bruna (dark) brew.
He is also motivated by his passion to eradicate Cenosillicaphobia.
DeEva- LBC crew Co-founder / Universal Variable Consultant
A 50% California and 50% Utah native and entrepreneur since the age of 22, she’s a “no nonsense freespirit” who has worn many hats across many miles. A lifetime soft skills practitioner, her motivation is to meet new and interesting people. She believes craft beer brings people together.
A total of 49 countries (to date) and an undisclosed amount of beers explored, LBC is her biggest adventure yet.

Victor- LBC crew member / Brand Ambassador / Foreigner Wrangler
Our resident university student and our local eyes, ears and voice of LBC from the beginning. He decided to take a ticket to ride the LBC crazy train and we’ll probably never know why but damn glad he did!

We believe he’s already earned his degree in real life experience in founding and building a local small business. We have no doubt that one day he’ll probably be the boss of all.
We also just like him because he’s a funny guy.
Alex- Brewer / Forner Rate Beeraholic
The latest addition to our crew, Alex. He has also thrown off the shackles of the normal 9-5er and is along for the LBC ride. A Powerlifter by night with a goal to be Head of our Brew Crew in his sight we are glad to have him aboard! He also won’t turn down a Vit beer.

Alla- LBC crew member / Math Guru
She is the LBC in house number cruncher (accountant) and so much more! Alla, like the rest of the LBC crew she also changed her predetermined professional path. Originally an engineer, she found her love for the wild system of Moldovan accounting and we’re soooo very glad she did!!!!
She is our cheerleader of hope and her ways of persuasion are unparalleled.

And though she has moved on, we wouldn't be here today without her, and she'll always be a team member in our hearts!

Unofficial LBC crew members-
All the numerous local friends, adopted family, former work colleagues, local craft brewers, those friends of friends and our family supporters. We couldn't have done it without you too!
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